Assistant Curator of Japanese & Korean Art, Minneapolis Institute of Art

The collection of Japanese art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) includes more than 9,000 works, ranging from prehistoric pottery to contemporary photography, and is among the top five collections in the United States. The permanent display space for Japanese art is the largest in the Western world with 16 expansive galleries and over 10,000 square feet (930 sqm). The collection includes superb examples of Buddhist and Shintō sculpture, paintings and calligraphy, woodblock prints, textiles, and works of lacquer, bamboo, and ceramics. The Department of Japanese and Korean art has benefited greatly from generous gifts from knowledgeable collectors, like Richard P. Gale, Louis W. Hill, Jr., Elizabeth and Willard “Bill” Clark, and Mary Griggs Burke.

The Job

To research, interpret, enhance, and publish Mia’s collections of Japanese and Korean art.

In this role, you will…

· Report to the Curator of Japanese and Korean Art / Director of the Clark Center.

· Conduct research on the permanent collection or in conjunction with the formation of special exhibitions that results in an enduring written record that makes significant contributions to the field through widely accessible publications. 

· Interpret the museum’s collections of Japanese and Korean art through permanent collection gallery displays and didactic materials. 

· Propose and oversee regular gallery rotations.

· Speak publicly about the museum’s collection and provide training for museum guides so that they can accurately and knowledgeably represent the collection.

· Locate, research and propose acquisitions of Japanese and Korean works of art that significantly augment the museum’s existing collections.

· Review the museum collections of Japanese and Korean art for potential deaccessions.

· Maintain a current knowledge of the art market and professional relations with art dealers.

· Develop and coordinate lectures and activities pertaining to Japanese and Korean art for the museum’s Asian Art Affinity Group.

· Foster and maintain relationships with trustees, collectors, potential donors, and the general public, including community outreach.

· Oversee the care and preservation of the collection by ensuring proper and responsible handling and installation of objects and by recommending objects for conservation treatment.

· Participate in the museum’s efforts to secure funding for conservation initiatives.

· Actively participate in broader museum initiatives through committees or specially formed teams.


Voir l’appel complet sur le site du MIA.

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