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The AWARE association: Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions was founded in June 2014 to improve the exposure of 20th century women artists, particularly through symposiums and study days, an award, exhibitions visits and the enhancement of a documentary platform accessible to all:

The website contains a “Magazine” section developed since autumn 2015, in which one to three articles a month is/are published, which have been commissioned or selected by an editorial committee of university professors, scientific museum staff, curators, and publisher. Exhibition reviews are published along with reports on major events in the art world, interviews, and summaries of research papers. To enhance the circulation and visibility of current research, AWARE also publishes articles written by specialists and art historians that are relevant to their thesis subjects or current work.

Eastern Asia (comprising China, North and South Korea, Japan and Taiwan) is at the heart of significant global changes in the arts. With these dynamic changes, several Asian metropoles have established themselves as major artistic centres over the last 20 years, notably Gwangju, Hong Kong, Pekin, Seoul, and Shanghai.
For several decades, significant events—such as the exhibition Text & Subtext: Contemporary Art and Asian Women that traveled to Singapore, Taiwan and several Scandinavian museums between 2000 and 2003—have given visibility to women in contemporary art. This new focus led to several major exhibitions in the 2010s, including Women In-Between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012 in Tokyo that brought together 50 artists from different countries; She, a 2016 group exhibition featuring Chinese and international women artists at Long Museum in Shanghai; and the Incheon Women Artists Biennial organised from 2004 to 2013 in South Korea. The latter remains today one of the rare international biennials dedicated to women artists.
In such a vast territory, the reflections on political, cultural, economic and social contexts resonate through new artistic engagements. In the same way, mobility and even emigration appear to be central to several artistic careers, from the pioneers who moved to Paris in the early 20th century to study in mixed academies to the generation that emigrated to the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. The careers of artists born in an already globalised world remain to be analysed.

To give visibility to the research in art history on this subject, this call for submissions is focused on women artists from Eastern Asia or with a significant connection with Eastern Asia (in 2020-2021, the call for papers will concentrate on women artists from South and South-East Asia). The propositions can be based on general themes or particular case studies; on important pioneering figures as well as lesser known artists; or on a corpus of female artists active during the 20th century.

Authors are invited to send a short abstract (200-300 words maximum, in French or in English) presenting the subject and its problematic, including a title (even if provisional), as well as a short biography by 1st October 2019 at the latest to (subject of the e-mail: “Call for submissions – Eastern Asia”). Documents must be sent as PDFs named as follows: Last Name_First Name_Title of Proposal and Last Name_First Name_CV.

The editorial committee of AWARE will select the most relevant proposals in November. Authors will be informed shortly after.
In the event of a favorable response, the final texts (1600 words excluding footnotes, in French or English) must be sent by 20th January 2020 at the latest. The texts must clearly state the problematic of the subject, reference artists and works, and open up research perspectives. A precise iconography of 4 to 8 images will be requested to illustrate the text. The text will be translated in English and/or French by AWARE association and published on the bilingual Internet website ( throughout the year 2020. A fixed fee will be given to selected authors.

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